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HIP's Have Been Suspended !
CLG has announced that the need for a home information pack has been suspended as a mandatory requirement for marketing your house or flat for sale. So you no longer need a HIP comissioned before that property can be placed upon the market. However if you have already paid for a HIP in the past few days please let us know as we will continue to produce the documents for you. We have already had enquiries for HIPs to be made regardless of the legislation to help promote their home above others without a HIP. We are happy to provide this service for you, in which case please look at the service we offer.

We are offering a full HIP's service providing a structured, easy to maintain web based platform and we also provide EPC inspections and HCR inspection and certification for existing HIP providers and individuals creating their own HIP's.
"Our goal is to make the process of obtaining a HIP as painless as possible – from your initial order to final delivery we walk you through the whole process."

Steve Deacon